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With ReadyANIMATOR and the Apple® iPad®, it's easy to make stop-motion animation. At a school or library, ReadyANIMATOR helps anyone make handmade animation.

ReadyANIMATOR iPad animation stand

ReadyANIMATOR animation equipment supports an iPad and provides a stage for animation characters. Position the iPad Holder as shown above to create clay animation or to animate everyday objects.  Place the iPad Holder in the "downshooting position" shown below to shoot dry-erase animation, paper cutout animation or other 2D animation styles.

ReadyANIMATOR iPad animation stand in 2D animation position


optional Art Supports

Our Art Supports make it easy to create stop-motion backdrops that add depth and dimension to your animated movie.

Set of 11 Art Supports
Tape artwork to an Art Support
A finished backdrop made with Art Supports


ReadyANIMATOR - $749

Art Supports - $39

Shipping - $40 - within contiguous United States

Sales tax added for North Carolina customers


We accept purchase orders from schools and libraries.

Or order online here:

ReadyANIMATOR with Art Supports

ReadyANIMATOR with Art Supports includes: Base, adjustable holder for iPad, two dry-erase panels, set of 10 Art Supports, 1 year warranty.  It does NOT include an iPad. ReadyANIMATOR is built when orders are received. Please contact John Lemmon for an approximate delivery date.

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